One Week of Evil -- Chapter 3 "Wednesday" 

In the end, because of another phonecall from the homeroom teacher, my parents harshly judged me once again and I couldn't completely accept it. Both the principal and the homeroom teacher, and my parents too, wanted a detailed explanation of the situation at that time, why I was playing alone then wound up angry at everyone else... Of course I was holding on to my furious anger toward the guys who ran away, but, even more than them it was directed toward the pitcher.
"This malice... it won't go away, will it?" I said, clenching a fist.

When I'd meet with them the next day, first of all I'd beat them all up!! I was enthusiastic about it, but that ambition quite easily ended up being broken. When I came into the school I changed into my indoor slippers, and with the look of a demon I threw open the classroom door. These guys I had a good time with the day before were all standing in a line and nearby was the homeroom teacher. And there I was, not knowing about the situation. I stood stock still in front of the homeroom teacher who turned toward me, and she said:
"Everyone, isn't there something you wanted to say to Hitoshi?" My eyes naturally moved from the homeroom teacher toward all the guys standing in a line.
"Hitoshi-kun, sorry about yesterday!" everyone apologized to me together.
Not grasping what was going on, I was left standing still, and the homeroom teacher opened her mouth to talk once again.
"Everyone, you left Hitoshi behind alone didn't you? And so Hitoshi seems to have gotten mad because nobody at all helped him. Because of this, if you all apologize, Hitoshi will also be able to forgive you and we teachers can forgive him. Won't you forgive them Hitoshi?"
I understood it all with those words. Put simply, it was just one of those things. The homeroom teacher who had scolded only me yesterday, despite not understanding the feelings in my heart, now sensed my feelings and seemed to be preventing my revenge by making them apologize.
In this situation, I wasn't able to reveal my anger to the people who were kneeling before me in apology. On the contrary, if I hit someone afterward, I'd become 120% worse.
"Yeah... I think it's okay now..." I mumbled with a sigh.
Still, like being burdened by a knapsack, a cunning feeling was hanging down over me...

I already felt better from that situation which boosted my positive characteristics. In order to forget the detestable things, just for today I'd endeavor to go along with a smile. Those guys around me spoke awkwardly at first, but even they eventually passed into everyday conversation. Around the time of lunch break, the guy who had been the pitcher was talking too:
"Everybody, let's all go to the gymnasium for baseball~"
In my mind I was thinking, "This guy... despite the first time, he's so hopeless..."
But someone else said, "Let's play soccer today, okay?"
So we decided on playing soccer for lunch break that day.

Because of the events of yesterday and the day before,  would something terrible happen today too? These were the deep-rooted fears in my heart, but I said,
"That was good... After all, unpleasant things won't continue on the third day, right?" and patted down my chest. Everyone else seemed to have completely forgotten yesterday's event, so that today we were all able to have a good time. The sound of the homeroom teacher reached my ears, permeating the hustle and bustle of our chatter all around.

Tucked away inside my desk drawer were textbooks and notebooks that I took out and put into my knapsack. Carrying that on my back as I left the classroom, just outside somebody struck my shoulder with a pompom. I turned around, to see the smiling face of Yocchan who had come to talk to me.
"Hey, I bought a new game, but at my house with my older brother is so noisy, so can we come to your house to play it, Hitoshi?"
'We' being the neighbour Macchan too, so I nodded my head in agreement.
"That's great! Let's play, let's play!!"
And then, us three people went to my house to play the game, but because Yocchan's house was in the opposite direction from my house, Yocchan left to pick up the game software while myself and Macchan made idle chatter while waiting at the school gate. Thirty minutes later, Yocchan returned to us riding her bicycle and us three headed straight to my house on foot.
Macchan said, "But Hitoshi's house is far away, isn't it~ Hey, can't the three of us ride?" and she pointed at Yocchan's bicycle. Naturally we knew that two people riding a bike is a bad thing, but on the way from school to my house would be many downhills, so if we could do it with three people riding, we'd get to my place remarkably quick.
"Let's give it a try!" Because Yocchan said that, myself and Macchan didn't think any more than that and got onto the luggage carrier. However, it seemed that Yocchan was by no means endowed with any sense of balance, and I dangerously couldn't see the handles of the right or left side anymore.
"I'll drive it!" I said, and Yocchan changed with me in relief. We descended with reckless speed toward my house.
We turned a few curves, and just as we soon would've arrived at the destination house we heard angry voices coming from behind.
"Hey!! Get off!!"
Astonished, we suddenly applied the brakes and promptly jumped off the bicycle. And then we turned our heads toward the people belonging to the voices. Teachers of the whole school, with the principal first and foremost, all folded their arms and glared at us.
"What is this...?"
We all questioned inside our head, dumbfounded. The familiar angry voice of the homeroom teacher resounded.
"What are you doing?! I only just told you that Traffic Safety Week begins today so you have to be careful!!"
What a thing to happen... And so that was that... For some time we returned to the homeroom, where our homeroom teacher lectured us about that kind of thing.

Feeling that I was going pale all throughout my body, I understood that absolutely no excuse would be accepted in the situation, and all I could do was hang my head in shame...

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