One Week of Evil -- Chapter 5 "Friday"

For a while I had been in a dumbfounded trance, but I returned to myself as I noticed something I could never get accustomed to. As the saying goes, 'There are tears even in a demon's eyes,' I saw tears spill forth from the eyes of my homeroom teacher.
'Why? It should be me who wants to cry...' I thought deep in my mind, while the homeroom teacher wiped away those droplets. She told me,
"Ah, Hitoshi you're quite unmanageable for teachers..." and having said just that, she left the classroom. I was left behind to my own situation that I couldn't really understand, standing completely still, but then Yocchan and Macchan came close to me.
"I'm really sorry... But we thought it would leak no matter what, so I thought telling her quickly would make her not so mad..." came their meek apology. However, though they seemed about to cry, I didn't overlook their relieved expressions beyond those faces.

I prepared myself twofold and threefold, and after classes my body became stiff but against my expectations, nothing happened at all. When I went back home after having worried endlessly, I spent the time awkwardly and before I knew it, I was asleep. I awoke again to greet a typical morning. "Perhaps that was the end?"
While seeing off the fifty monsters, I started to think about convenient things like that, because as a matter of fact it was tempting. But then, after that, it had been the absolute worst calm before a storm ...

Although I'd already gotten used to it, as I entered the classroom Yocchan and Macchan, as well as some curious onlookers, were waiting for me.
"Were you scolded? Hey, were you scolded?"
In response to their questions I was thinking, 'I won't be angry. No, I'm beyond anger, really...' and with the depths of my heart I resolved to be able to stand up to this.
"No, not at all. No phonecall came, so isn't that the end of it?"
Including a semi-prayer that I spoke in order to persuade myself, that remark had betrayed the expectations of the onlookers.
"Well, that's good," they said, and scattered quickly.
While I placed my knapsack down I passed a glance toward the janitorial locker, but as I thought, the state of it hadn't changed at all from yesterday and there was still a large hole opened in the plywood. I let out a sigh as I was about to sit into my chair, and someone called out to me.
"Hitoshi." I timidly looked toward the voice that sounded a little surprised, and the homeroom teacher was making a fluttering gesture with her right hand. "Come here for a moment."
At that moment I pondered various things. 'Eh? Have I done something even though it's still morning? No, I didn't do anything. I don't think I did anything. Did I do something? Or is it still yesterday's thing? Am I close to crossing the line? But this might be different...'
I could feel my heartbeat rising as I stepped up to meet the homeroom teacher.
"I have something to say, so come with me for a moment."
Without another word, the homeroom teacher turned on her heels and walked out.
'Where will she go?'
Keeping a posture with my head bowed, I followed into step after the homeroom teacher. A little while later, she suddenly turned around. "Now, go inside," she said, and pointed at the door of some room. Seeing the plate pointed out by her fingertip, I was completely terrified.
'Principal's office?? Why the principal's office??' the questions floated endlessly inside my head as I opened the door. And of course, the principal was in there, sitting on one side of a pair of sofas. He was obviously resentful.
"So this is the child?" the principal inquired, and my homeroom teacher replied,
"That's right. Well, please go on."
She left me alone and closed the door. It was just myself and the principal. Without understanding what was best to do, I stood completely still. The principal stood up slowly.
"Sit," he said, and urged me toward the opposite sofa.
I sat down in response, and simulated in my own mind what would happen after that, but I couldn't grasp how the principal would act.
The principal said, "Pay attention!" while raising his voice in exasperation, and suddenly struck out with a fist. I couldn't understand what happened for a moment.
"You asked me to sit this time so I sat!" I cried out. He started his lecture, seeming to shower questions on me, while I was confused again. My face hurt where he had struck me, I felt miserable, and not entirely knowing what I should say, I was just giving him the same absentminded response over and over.
"Indeed, from now on you should take care. It's okay to go back to your classroom now." He told me.
I left and closed the door. With my back to the principal's office, I recalled everything about the chain of events that was mortifying and vexing, and completely intolerable.
"I might have been bad but, everyone is bad sometimes!! What was that?!"
At that time I resented all of society. In all of Japan I've not heard of a student hit by the principal, or a principal who hits students. This incident had been far from the proper situation, and the discontentment that had been gathering up throughout the week exploded inside me. And so I took two steps away from the door to the principal's office, then turned to face it and shouted at the top of my lungs.
"This principal is a monster!!!"

I don't remember well after that, but with the good and the bad, my "one week of evil" came to an end. Or so I thought...


1 - He actually called his principal a Kappa. In Japanese folklore, Kappa are monsters lurking in the water who drown children.

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