Isshi's Tedium Diary

#31 (Final)
Good evening, how is everybody doing? I'm Isshi. It's unfortunate, but my column is ending now. If I think about it, I've been writing here like this for a long time. I think I still had long, bewitching black hair when I first started this series. I've grown along with this series, and I feel like I've come into contact with a lot of people from writing this series. It's not that I'm looking back from the band's major debut now, but thinking back on bygone days. Thinking about the person called "Isshi" in the band called Kagrra,. We, the type of people who make music our livelihood, no matter how much talent we have for instance, if we are people who understand our surroundings, it's all useless if we aren't people who understand our surroundings. I think we were truly blessed with that kind of significance. We can be scolded often, but to me that shows that the one who worries the most is Osaki-san. Everyone in the office. Sugimoto-san from BSP who is like an older brother. And more than anyone else for sure, all of the fans who supported and encouraged me. I think this is where I am now.

I'm short-tempered and selfish, and more than anyone else I have to be the way I am, but even now, being able to hold a mic is something I certainly couldn't do alone, I think. That is to say, I think I'll keep going without change after this. It's something I say a lot in interviews, but honestly, if we enter the Major world, it'll be a lot different to how things are now. Due to that, it should be that changing has a good meaning for us somehow or other. However, as much as I can say that me having self-confidence isn't going to change, I'm saying that the Oni called Isshi in the band called Kagrra, will keep existing forever at the place where everyone is together, Yume Izuru Chi. More than coexisting in a single space, one by one our fans are pressing, "I want all the members of Kagrra, to be aware of themselves." as if they don't like it, but I think I want everyone to understand this much. Up until now and from now on, Kagrra, is Kagrra,. Isshi is Isshi. Our origin doesn't change. Therefore, we're pursuing the same dream and we'll keep going within the same dream. Because we are all Kagrra,.

This is the final one, but, Iwashita-san from the SHOXX editorial department, and everyone who has read with pleasure so far, thank you so much for everything up until now. And please continue to treat me kindly after this. Well then, let's meet again at Shibuya Kokaidou.

Yours truly.

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