Story #1 (Untitled)
Art by Marosi Viktória
For the first memorable story, I suppose I'll start with this.

It was during rainy season a few years ago.

I was becoming worn down and tired during recording, but since I didn't make much progress with my work I thought I'd continue working from home after I left the studio. As soon as I went into my work room on the second floor, I put down my bag and sat at the desk. Then I suddenly had to go to the toilet, so I descended to the first floor and went into the restroom as I was.

When I was done, I went back up to the second floor and was about to sit in my chair. My eyes became fixed on something in the center of the desk. It was an unopened beer can. I timidly felt it, and it was icy cool to the touch. I instantly wondered if someone might have invaded my house, so I went around to check on everyone. However, none of the rooms were unlocked and no windows were broken. In the end, there was nothing else odd about the situation.

That day is still a mystery to me...

<A word from Coach>
That's amazing... Isshi, was that beer a treasured can remaining in your fridge? Or maybe the ice cold feeling came from somewhere else? Of course, it was a long-awaited kindness so you drank it, didn't you?
Notes: Isshi mentioned this occurrence in an interview in 2005, so this must be a pretty old story!

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