Dream Knowledge
A story of my father.

One day, late at night. I suddenly got a phonecall from my estranged father.
"...What the heck, at this hour..."
"It's just, Buddha appeared to me in a dream, and he told me to go to the Temple!"
While my head was disordered because I hadn't fully woken up, I said, "Is that the temple in Kanagawa?"
Surely I recognized the name because a relative of ours was living nearby, but neither I or my father had gone there.
"I'm somewhat anxious about it..."
"It's probably a coincidence, so even if you don't pay mind to it it'll be okay. Well then, goodnight..."

Two or three days after that phonecall, my family certainly did go to that temple. Indeed, misfortune had befallen that relative's house. Ever since then, I became frightened of getting a phonecall from my father...
<Coach's Nod>
Ikkun! You can't do that. Since it's a story concerned with another person's misfortune it's a little hard to comment... However, if we continue on from when you woke up, you were basically indifferent weren't you? And you could probably turn the "dream knowledge" you expressed in the title into "Prophetic Dream" right?

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