A story of a miraculous coincidence.

R-san is a collector of sneakers. He turns 35 this year, but from the time he was a teenager he has been collecting sneakers which are commonly called 'rare goods'. Originally born in Shikoku, just as he graduated high school he held that ambition and moved to the capital, but he couldn't live off only the allowance from his parents and the earnings from his part-time job, so he became restless and had to sell his sneakers to live.

Once he needed quite a large sum of money, and sold his rare sneakers from a maker that was tremendously popular at that time, but R-san had purchased those goods and had an extraordinary emotional attachment to them. He couldn't get rid of the problem without making a sacrifice, and resolutely sold the sneakers. At once time he'd buy them back again, so he drew a mark he would never forget on the other side of the insoles and only then did he bring them to the merchant.

After that, standing at the counter, those sneakers were on his mind as he was facing the merchant. At that time the sneakers were at the peak of their popularity, so regardless of the value of the sneakers that even nowadays would be unimaginable, he had to sell them immediately. After all, they would never return to him.

Then, about ten years later. R-san's dream came true, he returned to his hometown to help out with the family business.

Once, when he suddenly found himself peeking at an online auction, he came across a pair of sneakers of the same size and type as the ones he parted with that day. The price was reasonable, so he instantly bought them. When he unpacked them from the parcel they arrived in, he seemed to handle them carefully, for they were as lovely as an antique, and he didn't think much of the dirtiness or the wrinkles. As soon as he put one foot inside, he remembered the mark he drew ten years before.

Could it be? he thought, and when he folded down the insole, it had become very faint but there was no doubt at all, there was the mark he had made. Indeed, ten years had passed and those sneakers had come back to their original owner.

"No way~ This is the most miraculous thing in the world!" R-san said as he delightfully showed those sneakers to me.

<Coach's Joy>
Isshi... Although you wrote 'R-san' it's strange but, this could possibly be about you. Or me... Because you and I are otaku collectors, you understand these feelings right? It's like, a person with the soul of a passionate collector sometimes meets with a lot of strange coincidences. It's as if the heartless things have a wish to want to meet with us by chance... I've also encountered a stuffed animal of the youkai "Kudan" after thirty years passed...
And you met me...

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