Stuffed Animal
A relative's story.

Our household were farmers for many generations but in their spare time they also did some hunting. They ate the meat of the animals they hunted in the mountains, and stuffed the skin that was left behind.

One day, I went to stay and hang out with an older male cousin. During the day we played catch ball and hide-and-seek, and after dinner we took a bath and laid out the futon as it was time to go to sleep.
"Hey? Want me to show you something cool?" my cousin said.
"Yes. I wanna see!!" I replied immediately, and he said "Well, wait a little longer,"  and we crept into the futons and chatted idly.

"Has one hour passed yet?" my cousin asked. I said "Is it time now?" as he lead me out of the room. We secretly left through the back door and headed to the detached room.
"Hey, what is this?" I asked, lowering my voice.
"Shh, be quiet..."
Whether or not he heard me, he gazed into my eyes. I looked deep into those eyes and strained my ears, and from that room there was some kind of noisy squealing sound.
"...What's this noise?" I asked timidly.
My cousin replied, "In that room there are many stuffed animals, and when night falls they start howling!"
"Shall we go inside?" my cousin offered, with a mischievous smiling face, but it was too scary, and I ran away from that place alone. I slipped into our grandma's futon as I was, and fell asleep shivering.

More than 20 years have passed since then, and though I've met with my older cousin, it isn't possible to talk about it.
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That's a great experience, Isshi... Actually, I think it's a good story too. The writing style and the you-ness are portrayed well, so it's difficult to revise it.

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