O-Bon Eggplant
A story from when I was a grade school student.

There were countless warts on both of my hands. I could crush them, and I kept crushing them again and again. I consulted a doctor and the liquid nitrogen they prescribed wasn't having any effect, but I kept going there one day a week. Nevertheless, my time as a grade school student wasn't good, but when I became a junior high student I started to be bothered by my appearance so before I knew it, those warts became a big trouble.

In the summer of one year, my grandma suddenly said this: I could scrub the warts with an O-bon eggplant, then bury it in a field where nobody would see it, and surely I would be cured. I felt like I was grasping for straws so I had no questions about my grandma's words, so once O-bon begun I took an eggplant in my chopsticks and quickly scrubbed it onto both of my hands, then I secretly buried it beneath some saplings that fenced in the hidden field.

How much time passed after that? One day, when I had completely forgotten that I'd buried the eggplant, I suddenly noticed that the warts had cleared up when it wasn't on my mind. I still remember my grandma's smiling face, when I went to happily report it to her.
<Coach's Contemplation>
This story is more like a "magic spell" than a folk remedy, but I think it's a good story. To say such a thing... what kind of Coach am I to have that kind of "description" for these stories? It's unlikely to be asked, but certainly, even in "Kouchuu" I wrote that it's a good story, so all in all I'm an irresponsible coach. More than being a spooky story, your scariness and mysteriousness were expressed well. So in these circumstances, the coach's description is trivial. Besides, Isshi, I think that if the readers read all of this book, they'll understand what kind of people the two of us are.

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