He is living in Peking, China, and when I asked him 'Are there ghosts in China too?' he said 'Maybe I don't believe it but...' and smiling wryly, told me this story.

One night he was drinking with his colleagues, and went for a tottering walk while feeling tipsy. But when he approached Tiananmen Gate, he could hear a voice saying "Oi...... Oi......" from somewhere.

"Huh?" He looked around the area but nobody was there. "Did I mishear?" he thought, and as he started walking around he could hear the voice saying "Oi...... Oi......" again. Thinking that he couldn't be mishearing this, he started searching the square for a doll but there was nobody around other than himself. While he was puzzled he suddenly looked up, and his eyes met a large portrait of Mao Zedong.

"You don't say...?" he thought, then. The mouth of that portrait was open and angrily shouted "Oi!!" Astonished, he sobered up in an instant and just like that, returned home in a mad dash.
<Coach's Denial>
Well... Oi!! Isshi!! This story is suspicious... I'll emphasize why. I'll retort with 'Mao Zedong, speaking Japanese?!' but it can be said that he who left Tiananmen before and went to the National Palace Museum, was not close enough to suddenly look up at that portrait, nor could he get much closer to it. That huge mouth, with no trivial size, moving!! If that's true and if the voice could be heard, it'd be loud enough to sound like an explosion. If I can say more, because it wasn't Japan's sidestreets but on the other hand a vast urban plaza, it's not easy to say that he made a mad dash and returned home.

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