Story #2 (Untitled)
Art by Marosi Viktória
It happened just a few days ago.

Around 2 in the morning, I left my house to go to the local convenience store. The pole lights were sparse, because naturally there'd be few people walking about. I was walking leisurely, and just ahead of me there was a businessman wearing a suit and carrying a bag under his arm.

Huh? There was something strange...
Just before we passed by each other, I instinctively stopped. That person was dressed normally for sure, but his face was pitch black as though painted with shoe polish. No, it was even blacker than that.

I promptly looked back, and that man was walking on nonchalantly.
"What was that? Did I see him wrong?" is what I was thinking.

Even so, I passed by that man once more on the day I'm writing this... and I noticed something. I never hear any footsteps. I have a conviction of sorts, that I don't think I should pursue that man and try to see him again...
<Coach's Wish>
It looks like you left out the ending on purpose, Isshi. What kind of conviction do you mean when you said "I have a conviction of sorts"? That's something I desperately want to know, but what's even more important than that, is your confirmation. I don't think people who like strangeness encounter a chance like this very often. Here you say that if you were to pursue him you wouldn't see his face again. But surely if it was his usual face, he'd say "Huh? Is there something on me?" Incidentally, what were the eyes like in that black face? If they were black, were they black enough that the white was prominent? You must have seen them for sure. I want to know...

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