Sleep Paralysis
Usually I don't feel anything, but I encountered sleep paralysis while on tour.

Finishing up our live, we got ready and returned to our hotel. We prepared the next setlist (choosing songs and song order), while making music and writing songs, and when I finally stretched out in bed it was around 3:00 am. I was dozing off while reading my book, and before I knew it I seemed to be asleep but suddenly a shock ran through my body and I woke up to an attack of sleep paralysis.

It isn't frequent, but I encounter this phenomenon when I go on tour and I'm not particularly afraid of it; usually it occurs when I can solve it by myself. Although I can never see anything, in the line of my sight I can somewhat make out a shadow. It's hazy and it takes the form of a person, and it seems just like it's reaching out with both hands. It's definitely strange then, but for some reason I see that and feel relieved, then I can fall asleep again as I am.

If I think about it now, I'd call it a guardian spirit who has come to protect me from that which brings about disasters. Is it because I confirmed its existence that I could be at ease and sleep again? That's how I'd like to interpret it.
<Coach's Scolding>
...I think I also have my own explanation. Moreover, I feel that in this story, you're using popular spirit terminology like "sleep paralysis" and "guardian spirit" as though it's natural... When you use the terminology to explain, I don't understand how it should reveal anything about your circumstances, etc... That is, it's over when it isn't described as a "picture." And even more so if the terminology isn't specific common knowledge! Be careful!!

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