Indirect Doppleganger
An experience from my own Isshi Mimibukuro colleague.

This happened the day after the event in Asagaya Loft at the end of last year. He was inside one of the cars on the first departure of the Yamanote Line. Whether it was normal fatigue, or a sense of calm from welcoming the new year, before he knew it he had dozed off. When he suddenly opened his eyes, there was a familiar man sitting in the seat across from him...

Long boots, black skinny pants. Long black hair, black sunglasses. And on his middle finger, a Diamante armour ring. Yes, it seemed to be me, who he had seen at the event the day before... Just one thing was different, the jacket he was wearing was red.

Although he thought it was suspicious, that hairstyle resembled mine too much, and many times he was about to call out but hesitated. Then "I" got out of the train at Takadanobaba Station.

When I heard the story from him later on, he made sure many times, but the real "me" was at home in bed at that time, and I hadn't set foot in Takadanobaba in many years...  Eventually we laughed at the story, but along with the clothes and physical appearance,  the person resembled me so much that even the ring was basically the same. It was likely that he'd encountered someone who knew about me, however much he knew... 

Although I felt a chill, I knew in my heart that it was a good thing I hadn't observed him myself...

<Coach's Praise>
A red jacket? Was he not a musician but a... magician? When I encountered this story, I was always wracking my brain a little. You stipulated "doppelganger" in the title, but to say it plainly you could use another word, "Ikiryou." Whether it was the eyewitness who said it, or the writer who decided it, I often see both the German word and the Japanese word in ghost stories. Is this the same thing called by two different names? Or are they different with mixed truths, so that nobody knows how to distinguish between them? These words are terribly unclear how to be used in text. By the way, Isshi, isn't the "Indirect" of this title a little bit peculiar?

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