Nice to meet you, I'm Kihara Hirokatsu. Although my profession is a writer...I don't only publish books in the ghost story genre. I'm a specialized writer. I put out a call to ghost story writers in today's society, and thanks to them I compiled the series "Shin Mimibukuro" in the form of 100 short ghost stories.
There was one man whose life would be massively changed when he held this series in his hand.
His name is Isshi.

He was the lead vocalist of Kagrra, a visual-kei rock band that used "Wa" as its main motif.
That guy, on the stage of a certain event, standing in front of his many fans, made an announcement that seemed much like a request. "Coach, make me your student," he said.
When he made this announcement, I didn't know who he was calling "Coach" from the beginning, but I listened to what he was saying next, from the time he was a child he liked ghost stories and unconventional stories and was brought up reading mainly those things...
Consequently, as he was heavily influenced by Shin Mimibukuro, his own literary works followed that influence for the most part...
And then, he was saying things like "The truth is that we met a long time ago in one of the cars on the Inokashira Line, and when I laid eyes on you I thought, 'Ah! There's my coach!' Therefore, from the time we met you were already my Coach."
He was continuing to make advances with unbreakable enthusiasm. Speaking of that event, we were general acquaintances then and a bond of friendship would be nice... but it was unfolding just like a lover's quarrel.
As a result, I was broken down.
And from that time on, our coach-student bond had been formed.
Our very first meeting was pretty much the starting point of that coach-student bond.
Thus, I was the coach, and Isshi became my unique student who I love dearly.

On March 3rd of 2011, Kagrra disbanded.
Without any member changes in more than ten years since their formation, the curtain finally closed on Kagrra's history. At the same time, they had given birth to a legend with their visual image as well as their embodiment of the concept of "Wa."

Well, Isshi took that opportunity to start walking on a free road...
Even so, four months after that on July 18th, he departed from this world. In the name of the dream he pursued in my footsteps, a mountain of homework was left behind for me. I felt I could do something as a courtesy to each and every one of the many people who care about him, but in the end it's because I was his coach that I could make the one dream he left behind come true.
This book is something that gives form to the dream he had ever since he was a child.
So first of all, please try reading it.
And then, later...

-Kihara Hirokatsu

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