Prologue - Part One

It's nice to meet everyone for the first time. I'm Isshi, and with my Coach's favour I've been allowed to put my serial stories here.*1 Now, on the first night, I want to give a self introduction and talk about my meeting with Coach, and write a little about the goal of my stories.

I think some of you may already know, but the truth is that I'm a musician. (laughs) And for quite a while I've been doing the vocals in a band called Kagrra.*2 Nevertheless, with an intense love for natural ghost stories and unconventional romance, I started an irregular talk live called "Isshi Mimibukuro"*3 along with my Coach. To tell you the truth, the person I've been calling 'Coach' for some time is the author of "Shin Mimibukuro," Kihara Hirokatsu. As well as my teacher he's like a hero and a father to me, and my Coach for ghost stories. It was more than 10 years ago from now, when I met with the ghastly blue "Shin Mimibukuro~dai ichi yoru~"*4 and because of that book, my life was changed. From the time I was young I adored strange stories, and having read all of those I could get my hands on, I was often badgering the adults and friends around me with scary talk, but eventually my stories had poor development, weak credibility, or lack of surprise, so before I knew it they were numb to fear. How could that be? "Shin Mimibukuro" had those stories and fresh persuasive power, so in the end it couldn't be helped and my frozen mind was splendidly thawed out. After that there was a huge change. While I was reading story by story I started having a particular interest in my Coach as an author, just like a little girl falling in love. Dreaming that I'd meet my Coach someday, I endeavored to work hard in music activities as well as collecting and writing ghost stories.

Prologue - Part Two
Around two or three years after Kagrra began, I heard of a talk live called "Shin Mimibukuro" at the talk livehouse called Shinjuku Loft Plus One. I wanted to go no matter what so I was searching for tickets, but at that time it was very popular and I couldn't get one. I was disheartened, but a kind person handed me a ticket and finally my heart's desire was reached: to see talk live debut of Shin Mimibukuro. But then, had to do a photoshoot on the morning of the next day so I reluctantly headed home, and started thinking back to the heaps of Shin Mimibukuro goods that I had bought. (laughs)

And since I'm a man of immediate action, it occurred to me before long, "I want to do a ghost story live on my own!!" So I told our band leader Izumi and got him involved, and we started an event called "Kaidan Kidan"*5 at the same venue. All five of the events were completed under that same name, and at most were held twice a year, so that in the end it took four years by the time we approached the fifth event. But at that fifth and final event, it worked out that my Coach appeared as a guest. At that time, I certainly wasn't very good, in fact I was a complete novice at telling ghost stories, but I remember that listening to my Coach's skill with storytelling gave me goosebumps and made me break into a grin. (laughs) So from that time on I aspired to be a serious writer, and on that stage I forcibly volunteered myself as an apprentice to my Coach. And having that bond, the two of us were able to begin events called "Isshi Mimibukuro."

Prologue - Part Three
Well, speaking of that "Isshi Mimibukuro", certainly it follows in the footsteps of the original "Shin Mimibukuro" but still my Coach's power was amazing and all of the tickets of the first night sold out instantly. It was becoming an event that boasted of not only one but two popular figures, and the ghost stories go without saying, as well as a chat between my coach and I? It was interesting how the wonder of the talkshow grew more and more. And another happy thing, it seemed that Kagrra fans were now buying my Coach's books. Recently I'd been viewing the loss of interest in reading as a problem and it seemed like we could create quite a stir for all of the fans with our talk of ghost stories and our talk of novels. And so, on that stage, I pleaded with my Coach, "Please let me do a theme song for Shin Mimibukuro!!" And my coach would let that long-cherished dream come true!! It wasn't just about ghost stories, but with the realization of a collaboration*6 of music and Shin Mimibukuro, I had reached the height of my deep emotion.
Prologue - Part Four
We were very busy here and there, I was meeting various people along with Coach, and I was even able to meet Kyogoku Natsuhiko. And what surprised me even more than that, was that there were Kagrra, songs on Kyogoku-sensei's iPod! My body went numb when he said to me, "Oh, this? Yes, I listen to it. Best regards from now on." And recently we were even able to go to a remote spirit spot with the broadcasting force of Captain Matsuzawa from UTB.*7 It was a location we've been to for the past three times, and without fail we captured voices and strange photos. (laughs) Those kind of sensations help what I'm doing with Isshi Mimibukuro, and ghost stories related to music.*8 I think I'd like to write "Onkai," so I hope you'll ask for it!!
Footnotes (added by Kihara Hirokatsu, post-publication)

*1 - The original story column is posted on the keitai site and if you go there, it's possible to read the stories in pre-edited form.
*2 - This was written in 2010.
*3 - Isshi Mimibukuro is a talk live that started on December 13th of 2010 at the venue Shinjuku Loft Plus One. It continued up until September 9th of 2011 with the 14th talk live. From now on, we plan to have an Isshi Mimibukuro on July 18th of every year, Isshi's death anniversary.
*4 - It was a special volume published by Mediafactory. Now the full series of Shin Mimibukuro is published by Kadokawa.
*5 - Started at Loft with "-Ki-" on August 15th of 2003, and the final was "Kai" on December 9th of 2006.
*6 - In 2008, "Hoozuki" was born as the Shin Mimibukuro special image song for broadcasting on BS-i (now BS-TBS).
*7 - A broadcasting school. Matsuzawa is a lecturer there.
*8 - It's a concept without foundation. After the first story there's no relation to music. Entirely...

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