An Age of Doting Parents

20th guest: Isshi (Kagrra,) + Gucci (papillon/♂) + Vivienne (miniature dachsund/♂) + Pinky (longhaired chihuahua/♂)

We're all very excited this time! We had success with an appearance of 3 doggies! The owner is Kagrra's vocalist, Isshi. He's gained a reputation even amongst fans as a doting parent, so it's no wonder that he's this adorable with his 3 doggies! Anyway, they're a party of three popular dog breeds: papillon, miniature dachsund, and chihuahua. There's no way they can't be cute! When they were let out of their carry case they started trotting around the office, and even on their first meeting with the staff and cameraman, they were friendly enough to trot up to everyone! (It's puppy love~) Isshi seems to be healed every day that he is surrounded by these boys. His expression when he watches over them is the very essence of fatherhood. Yes, he definitely raises them with love! (And I'm a little envious of those dogs.)

Gucci was originally being kept by our manager, but with all the work pressure, I was the one who was often caring for the dog. Eventually I said "Please give him to me." (laughs) I met Vivienne in the pet shop of a huge department store in my parents' neighborhood. It was already around 6 months since he was born and there weren't any buyers, because even the shop employees were saying "We can't sell him!" and then I said "I'll buy him!" (laughs) I met Pinky when I was walking late at night, our eyes met at a pet shop with late business hours. (wry smile) Since it was the exact time of the Aiful dog craze, I had to buy him.

The three of them each have a different personalities. Gucci is generally spoiled. He was pampered growing up. (wry smile) Vivienne is the strongest, but gentle and patient. Pinky is very good at getting by in life.

But I think walking them can be difficult. Even though I'm so worn out when I get home, the first thing I'll do is clean the house... After that, I'll say "Are we going?" Thanks to these boys I have quite a long fuse right? They damaged my equipment once, I was shocked because they chewed the body of a Rickenbacker I'd only just bought. That's become a good memory now. (laughs)

I'd like to send my greetings to everyone, since they're soon reaching the age when they'll need wives, but there's still nothing so far... ... But, perhaps someday we can make a formal marriage interview with someone in Gab. magazine. I want to plan this!


Born on December 7. Type A blood. Kagrra's vocalist.

This summer is fully loaded for these guys; first of all, a country-wide oneman tour is decided from July onward. The tour final is August 5th at Shibuya AX. Also, there will be a photoalbum on July 7th and on August 2nd a new single will be released, so you must check it out!

(A Word to the 3 Dogs)

Please always remember when it's toilet time. I mean, the perfect time to go is when I'm at home, right?

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