question and answer


Quickly understand Isshi!

Part: Vocal
Hometown: Nagano
Birthday: Dec. 7th

01. How would you express your personality in words?
Isshi: Oni.

02. What are you interested in?
Isshi: Youkai.

03. Your current dream?
Isshi: I want to become a Youkai!!

04. Your dream when you were a child?
Isshi: Engraver.

05. When did you decide to have a career in music? What was your cue?
Isshi: The distant past. I wasn't just singing...

06. Who is an artist you respect?
Isshi: Freddie Mercury.

07. If you could return to the time you first started music, what part would you choose now?
Isshi: Guitar. If I could do it more properly. It'd be great...

08. For the instruments you have now, which is your favourite piece of equipment?
Isshi: Snowball. It's easy to use.

09. If you could bring only one CD to an unpopulated island, which would you choose? And why?
Isshi: Kagrra's "Sakura." Because I still listen to it.

10. Do you have a jinx for success at lives?
Isshi: My Oni choker.

11. What is your ambition as a musician?
Isshi: World domination.

12. A thing you thoroughly fuss over for your own part.
Isshi: As a vocalist, I absolutely have to be in the space between calm and passionate!!

13. What is "visual" for you?
Isshi: Something that expresses the music.

14. What thing do you insist you must bring on a tour?
Isshi: My instructor's amulet.

15. What was the most impressive thing at a live so far?
Isshi: Shibuko Panic.

16. What music genre would you like to try in the future?
Isshi: Trance.

17. What CD did you think was good recently?
Isshi: Ougiaina's "Rinne"

18. Of the things you listen to now, what gives you the most impact?
Isshi: JEWELS~Very Best Of Queen~

19. What was the first CD you bought yourself?
Isshi: Princess Princess "Sekai de Ichiban Atsui Natsu"

20. What subjects did you like as a student? What subjects did you dislike?
Isshi: I liked music, gym, art, and Japanese language. I didn't like home economics.

21. What do you generally use to listen to music?
Isshi: iTunes.

22. Are you a Mac user or a Windows user?
Isshi: Mac.

23. A site you can see well on a big screen or a mobile?
Isshi: Osawa.

24. Something you were excited about lately.
Isshi: Isshi Mimibukuro.

25. What town would you like to live in? And why?
Isshi: Kyoto. It's so beautiful!!

26. What would you consider a feast?
Isshi: Bikkuri Donkey.

27. Is there anything you collect?
Isshi: Youkai goods. Remote control cars. Gundam plastic models.

28. Something you like about Japan or Japanese people, and something you dislike.
Isshi: Like - they're humble. Dislike - they follow the leader.

29. A word about yourself 10 years ago.
Isshi: Nothing in particular...

30. A word about yourself 10 years from now.
Isshi: Will I still be alive??

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