My name is Sparrow.

I'm a university student, studying Biology and Linguistics. I took several courses in Japanese at my university, but aside from that I study independently and am in a constant state of learning. I'm far from fluent in the language, but my reading level is high enough that I can translate. My eventual life goal is unrelated, though; it's to be a veterinarian.

I was introduced to Kagrra by a school friend around the time Ouka Ranman was released, but I fell completely in love with the band after seeing their performance on the Sara DVD, in particular my favourite song: Sakura maichiru ano oka de. Watching that performance instilled in me a great desire to see Kagrra, live--which was granted to me twice: Peace & Smile Carnival 2009, and their last live on March 3rd, 2011.

I happily continued to support Isshi's solo project after Kagrra's demise, and was extremely impressed by the positive way in which Isshi picked up his own life and kept moving forward so soon after that sad circumstance. In fact, many people see Isshi as a person who would do his best to stay positive no matter what the situation, as well as do his best to keep others smiling too. Even to the very end, he held that admirable strength.

Needless to say, it was of course Isshi who inspired me to start translating, and to continue improving my skills until my translations could be worthy of his art. Though he'll never see this site, I can only hope that he'd approve of them now. So, this site is my way of paying tribute to him, and everything he's done.

Thank you for looking~

                                              Me, in Aoyama Graveyard.

Feel free to contact me by e-mail with any questions or suggestions you might have.

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