This is a shout-out page for everyone who has helped me with the site. My web skills aren't very broad (all I can do is translate, really) so I truly appreciate what everyone has done for me. It wouldn't have been possible without you.

First of all, though, a huge eternal thank you to Isshi--for inspiring me in things big and small, from taking my first steps as a translator, to learning how to live my life facing forward with a smile. Obviously nothing on this site would exist if not for him, and I will forever hold him in the highest regard for everything he's done. 一志さん、今なら言えるアリガトウ。

And not to be forgotten, these amazing people with their generous contributions:

danneoluna ♥ helped me dig up information I needed and gave me good layout advice.

kdelioncourt ♥ provided graphics help and other useful suggestions.

lesyeuxjaunes ♥ provided me with the original Japanese for Isshi's CD Data stories.

ramsk ♥ kindly let me post the Sacra story translations.

sutafairu ♥ helped me compile the discography section for Kagrra,.

utakata_yume ♥ provided most of the images and design work on the site.

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