2017.06.28: Now I have the continuation of the previous month's story. We finally get to see Isshi painting the accessory case! It's at the same link.
Also, guys, I have a Patreon now. If you're someone who frequents this site and you can afford it, please consider supporting me. <3

2017.07.18: In case anyone needs a reason to smile, my newest update has Kagrra at a doggie park!


12.07.1978 - 07.18.2011

Isshi, known mainly for his role as Kagrra's vocalist, was so much more than merely a musician. He was a lyricist, an author, a friend, a son, a father (to his ten pets, that is!), and inspiration to many people.


In 2011, the world reeled from his untimely passing. After the disbandment of Kagrra, in March, Isshi officially launched his promising solo project in April, but in late July came the heartbreaking announcement that he had fallen into eternal sleep inside his home.


A month later, this site was born. I dedicate it in everlasting memory of the man who was, and always will be, my role model and hero.


Rest in peace, beautiful Oni, and keep smiling.

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