Isshi's Tedium Diary

Good evening, how is everyone doing? I'm Isshi. There's only one place left on our Gunyuu Kakkyo tour, which is the final at ON AIR EAST. Surely that'll be over too around the time this volume comes out, and we'll be running toward the next objective.

All through the Gunyuu Kakkyo tour, I was talking about "dreams." Even saying just the word 'dream', I think that with all of the people in this world, dreams exist from small dreams to big dreams. Two years have already passed since the 5 of us as Kagrra have been pursuing the same dream. It seems long but even in this short time of two years, our dreams keep expanding. When one dream comes true we go for the next dream without sparing any effort, and even if we experience setbacks many times, we don't ever give up. We do our best like that. There are letters we often receive from people with subject matter such as 'My dream... is this...' Which reminds me that what I suddenly thought recently was that we're getting a lot more of those letters. I don't know if it's because I've been telling stories about dreams in various places, but I'm always smiling when I read them. In our prior fanclub report, I had a conversation with Izumi about "Lately young people just don't have dreams." But,I think that our ladies and gentlemen are people who securely live with their dreams, and somehow because of that I've gotten more confidence in my own dreams too. Today I'm thinking that after this, I'd be happy to support everyone's dreams if I can, even just a little.

Well then, let's meet again next time. Yours truly.

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