A musician friend's story.
It happened in an apartment he was living in a long time ago.

Having just moved to Tokyo, as prosperous as he was, he was renting out a one room home. Although it was called a 'Mansion' the structure was more like an apartment, and since he was barely lucky enough to have a small bathtub in a 6-mat Japanese style room, the walls were of course thin.

One day, he was drinking with us.
"Well! The guys next to me are so loud~! They sing around 3 at night, and I've gotta wake up to that even though I'm tired from working...!" he complained.
And I replied, "Hmm. But I think it can't be helped? Maybe your neighbour hopes to be a musician too, right? And since you play guitar, aren't you equals?"
He gulped down some beer and said "But always the same time, and always the same song? It's getting terrible...!"
"Is that so? Well, what if you go complain to him once?"
When I said that he replied, "I'll do that! I just can't tolerate it!!"
Then he emptied his beer can without any more resentment.

After several days I got a phone call from that guy, but the situation was somewhat strange...
"Well, well, I went to talk to the neighbour!! And, nobody was there!!"
At first I didn't fully understand what he was saying.
"Hm~? What are you talking about?"
His voice raised a level in excitement. "So!! It's about the singing neighbour I told you about a while ago!! He wasn't there!!"
I recalled the talk itself, but I wasn't grasping the situation well.
"Hm? Was he not home? I mean, surely he has a job, so it's not that he'd be home all the time right?" I responded carelessly, and he got angry.
"It's not that!! There was nobody next door!! Nobody is renting that room. I just have a bad feeling about this. That's it... I'm moving!!"
He was speaking quickly with a high-pitched voice, so it was difficult to listen, but anyhow, I understood the meaning.
"I see. Well then, it was a ghost! Isn't that interesting?! By the way, what song is he always singing?"
When I asked that, he waited for a little while and said,
"...'Runner'... It's 'Runner' by Bakufuu Slump."
I couldn't help but laugh the instant I heard that, and I roared with laughter into the phone, but he put an end to my reaction by angrily crying a few words, "Cut - it - out!" in a large voice as he hung up the phone.

Did I make a mistake with my reaction?
Nevertheless, I'm happy that our friendship continues to this day.
<Coach's Preference>
Isshi, this is absolutely picturesque. When you were drinking in the beginning, did you hear the guy singing Runner? Ahh, that is a promise that could make this composition come to life, which you didn't particularly touch on. Well, this story is like a general conversation with you, and since your personality is very prominent you made use of that as much as possible. Or rather, I should say, this writing!! For me, half of this... is a promise that it could unwillingly come to life (the rest is omitted). As usual, you had a conversation almost without eagerness, didn't you... But when you're with me, there's a huge difference... Ahh, since that is your work, what was omitted could make it come to life. However, the conversation is helped by the strange and directly connected title. The "~" at the end of the word displays an odd charm. And because of that, I can feel nothing but eagerness in your natural conversation.

Incidentally, this just my own rule, but you were definitely mistaken in your reaction Isshi!! You should've instantly went to hear this strange "Runner"!! Ahh, but if this is a "myth" then I think it's necessary to make it come to life, because it's linked to ghost stories and monsters (chimera), and I want to go there.

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