At The Bedside
A story of my older brother (senpai).

A few years ago, my older brother broke up with the girlfriend he was seeing at the time, but it seemed that it wasn't a peaceful breakup and he was anxious about it.

One night, when he was about to go to sleep, he suddenly felt someone's gaze.
...Hm? ...what?... He had a bad feeling about it.
He timidly opened his eyes, and standing at the bedside was a middle-aged man glaring with his arms folded.
Who? He recognized him... Surely...
It was his ex-girlfriend's father. He had only ever seen him in pictures, but he memorized them well. Suddenly he got up, his heart throbbing violently.

'Come to think of it, her father had died several years ago, hadn't he...' He'd told me. Thinking of that, the next day hmy older brother went to visit his ex-girlfriend's father's grave.

When we arrived at what he told me was her father's grave the time I went together with him, we immediately cleaned it and put our hands together in prayer.
"We're terribly sorry. And we'll come again."
At that time, the wooden tablets around the grave had been loosened up and strewn about out of order.
"Huh? Is there a stray dog or cat here too?" my older brother said, and when he looked behind the gravestone his eyes fell on the date of death. There had been inscribed the same day a few years ago.
<Coach's Discipline>
...First of all, the title is interfering, Isshi. Because this isn't a story of sleeping or inside a dream, right? And so, if it occurs in this world when people read "standing at the bedside" in the story, they don't get "at the bedside where one dreams" like the title. But since there's a limit on corrections and revisions, if you left it as it is, what happened after the father appeared folding his arms and glaring? I think that surely he didn't just disappear because your friend's heart was beating violently... But the strangeness that is shown isn't accurately tidied up.
Translator notes: By "older brother" he's not referring to a family member, he's referring to an older friend or colleague who he thinks of as a brother. There's no good English translation for the word senpai that would fit here, but it's a word used to refer to one's senior or superior at work or school.

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