A family story.

A family of five, both parents and three sisters who were very close, set out for Izu. The stopover point was a traditional inn that was famous in their hometown.

One room was assigned to the parents, and the three sisters all shared a room. For the first time in a while, the family could enjoy walking around, using the hot springs, and eating in privacy. By nightfall they were pleasantly chatting in the parents' room, and time passed in the blink of an eye. The parents said it was time for bed so they wouldn't be exhausted in the daytime, so the sisters returned to their own room, but they still hadn't chatted enough. That being the case, they all continued talking as usual while drinking sake.

They even forgot time was passing, and without anyone noticing, it had turned 2 o'clock in the late night. Since it would be a trying morning as it was, one of the sisters suggested they should go to bed already, and turned out the light. Three of them immediately laid down in bed, but after some more time had passed, the three sisters simultaneously flipped up their futon cover.

The eldest girl said, "Just now, I had sleep paralysis!!"
The middle girl said, "Just now, that screen opened and shut by itself!!"
The youngest girl said, "Just now, I heard a man's voice right at my ear!!"

The sisters each had different reasons for waking up, but there was one thing in common with all of them. Just before they all woke up, someone had straddled their futon...

Excited by this first experience, the three sisters talked all night long until morning came again.

<Coach's Pointer>
You noticed at the fifth story that you need titles, didn't you, Isshi. By the way, when you're collecting stories, or should I say writing a scary story from someone else's experience, there's something you mustn't forget. That's the "point of view." If you get a story that involves several people, who do you hear it from? I'd like for you to clarify that. Also, it's painful that you made the greatest part, the experience that "someone straddled their futons" into an after note. It's even more painful that all of them could've fully recovered from this, it just doesn't have "Isshi-ness."

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