"Hello... ...?"

A story I heard from a female fan.

One day, a girl who worked part time at a certain restaurant felt in poor health as soon as she woke up, and reluctantly called her store to request the day off. Riiiing, riiiing, riiiing. Click.
There was a sound of the phone being picked up, and for a while no sound at all, then she heard a girl's voice mumble "Hello...?"
"Hello? Um, excuse me... I'm very sorry for the trouble, but I woke up with a fever, so might I be excused for today please?"
There was no reply......
"Hello? Can you hear me? I'm really sorry..."
When she said that again, clunk. The telephone was hung up on the other side.

She called back many times after that, but when she eventually got through, thirty minutes had passed since the first time she called.
"Hello, I mentioned it just a while ago, but may I be excused today?"
"What's the matter? A while ago?? But I just got here? Who answered the phone?"
As he mentioned it, she didn't recognize the voice of the girl who answered the phone at first...
"Eh, well, a while ago someone answered and just said Hello..."
"Are you sure it wasn't the wrong number? Anyway it's okay, I understand. Be careful, okay?"
"That's right, it must've been the wrong number..."
She thought that, but when she checked the history of sent calls, it only displayed her workplace's number before switching over to yesterday's records.

To this day she doesn't know whose voice that was, and she's still working there now...

<Coach's Illumination>
Comparatively speaking, Isshi. Writing out the sound of a phone call gives it your own essence, but since you put the call sound and the strange female voice all in one set of brackets, we're cut off from the fact that the sound is a sound and the voice is a voice. It's often said that "Strangeness" is the leading role in a ghost story. In this case, you shouldn't be covering over that voice, right?

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