A strange story that took place in my Coach's office.

An early morning in the middle of March. Coach was working all night long in the second floor of his office as usual. None of the office staff were there that day, so he was dealing with his manuscripts alone, but suddenly there was a sound like a bang from the entrance on the first floor.
"Who came in?"
Thinking one of the staff had come, Coach didn't mind too much and continued working as he was, but even after waiting a while, nobody came upstairs... Coach was worried and timidly descended the staircase, but as he looked around there was no sign of any person. The entrance was still locked... As he was wracking his brain he looked downward, and there was a single pair of slippers pointing toward the outside. In that moment, it seems that my coach inquired about me...
"I wonder if they're pointing to Isshi...? Might there be something he wants to say to me...?" he thought.

As for myself, various worries were piling up in my heart at that time, and I was moping around at home. The first thing to come to my mind was my Coach's face. However, I knew he was busy in the last stages of his work and controlled my urge to mail or call him. Perhaps my soul was seeking Coach's advice, and maybe flew out to him?

If that's the case, I want to say this.
"I interrupted you..."
<Coach's Gratitude>
My side of this story is compiling "99 Ghost Stories, Volume One." Check it out, read it and please, speak your mind.

But did Isshi come? That point isn't written. Because the mystery is the leading role. If, at that time, I had gone down to the entrance immediately when I heard the noise, would I have seen your retreating form? Matching with the previous story, it seems like you're a guy who wanders around here and there to loiter when you're sleeping. So come on now and visit me. Nevertheless, you seem magnificently delighted to write without embarrassment like this, and I think there's meaning in that. I guess I'm a fortunate person to be yearned for in this way... Thank you, Isshi.

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