"Sakura maichiru ano oka de" art by bakuhatsumar


命が無くなれば人は 土と化し記憶さえも
風の中溶け込む様に 届かぬ場所へと還る

漆黒の闇の中 一人その足元を揺らし
駆け巡る想いだけ 空に宙に吸い込まれ消えた


袖を掴んで 廻る私を 貴方が止めて

響き渡る泣声 冷えたこの手の平にはもう
貴方への想いさえ 掴む事も許されぬまま

おぼろげな月明かり 腕をのばす術さえもなく
刹ないこの命を 雲に映しはかなげに落ちた




あの丘から景色は 吸い込まれそうな天空に
暗黒の俗世を分けた 私を取り巻く桜が舞う 

On the Hill Where Sakura Dance and Fall

If lives are lost, people change to earth and mere memories
Like melting into the wind, they may return to an unreachable place

Alone within the jet-black shadows, your gait is shaken
Only hasty thoughts disappeared; absorbed into the sky, into space*

The town watched over from here by the Oni is much too black
Even my receding consciousness dies off in flying red sparks

You take hold of my sleeve and stop me from turning
I want you to embrace me gently

Crying voices resound, but our hands are already cold**
As if even holding on to my thoughts of you is forbidden

There's no way the dim rays of moonlight can reach out
My painful life was reflected in the clouds, and fell transiently

Your town where the Oni lived is too lonely
From endless pain you'll want to run far, far, far away

My town where the Oni lived is too lonely
From endless pain I'll want to run far, far, far away

Looking down on you alone, I embrace the shadows and sleep

The scene from that hill seems to get absorbed into the sky
Separated from a world of darkness, cherry blossoms dance around me


*Isshi sings 'sora' (sky) twice, but the second kanji is 宙 (space, midair).
**He sings 'sono te' (your hands) but written in the lyrics is この手 (my hands).

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